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Running Head : Communication strategies




June 5 , 2010

A persuasive text is a writing that can cause somebody to believe the truth about something , and has power to tempt action or believe . Duo process theories provide an account on how an occurrence can occur in to different ways . Verbalized explicit processes or attitudes may change with persuasion . Persuasion is found everywhere and the persuaders make one to believe them , get what they have and trust them (Larson , 2009 They use languages or images that make one believe

or take an action The following is an example of persuasive text ' If you think what you have been using to clean your mouth is right then you are wrong Sensodine is the best for you , it eliminates sensitivity and bad smell in your mouth . Hurry before we clear the stock , the price is consumer friendly ' This particular text communicates because along side it there were some illustrations showing very white and was surrounded by blinking images which were meant to trap eyes of the readers

The text was meant to advertises this particular product and convince the consumers that their teeth will be the same as of this person in the picture . The advertiser has assumed that customers will not make a scrutiny of this product when he writes that it is the only product that can eliminate sensitivity and bad smell . The text has made some conclusions that seem to be true for example the product will remove bad...

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