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Paper Topic:

personal authentic leadership journey


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Down the Road : My Personal Authentic Leadership Journey

Executive Summary

Self-empowered in nature , I see myself as someone who has undergone great challenges and overcome numerous trials to be the leader that I see myself as today . The hurdles that I have both confronted and prevailed have aided in molding me into an individual with strong leadership attributes . Such attributes include

a strong drive to succeed

the willingness to brush myself off after failings

strong ethical characteristics

overwhelming self and group


triumphing towards a stronger knowledge base , and the willingness to ask questions in to learn more

the aptitude for communicating and influencing my fellow coworkers towards accomplishing our objectives

and being a team player

The scope of my shall correlate how my journey to a leadership capacity conceptually uses the various leadership models and techniques as the underlying components of my personal growth towards the leadership role

Table of Contents

Executive Summary .Page 1-2

Introduction .Page 3

Discussion .Page 3-10

Concluding Remarks .Page 10

References .Page 10-11


Born in Rawalpindi , Pakistan , where arms and ammunition for armed forces of Pakistan are made and distributed to different locations of the country , my leadership timeline reflects that leaders are moulded by the events they encountered and overcome to become who they are today . My story begins with a father whose sole goal in life was to provide us the education that he knew was vital to our aim to be successful as...

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