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While many people are taking advantage of the convenience provided by cell phones, some people suggest that cell phone use can be irritating or even dangerous. Should there be rules and regulations governing the use of cell phones


Mobile phones these days do not only function as a regular telephone where users can call and receive calls . Technology have produced cell phones with advance features that allow us to view the daily news , send and receive text messages and emails , keep track of daily reminders and appointments , record important events and actual scenarios via phone video , listen to radio programs and music , and take photographs via camera phone . Due to the traffic situation , crime rate , and fast paced lifestyle , having a mobile phone today is no longer a luxury

but a necessity in our life . Imposing rules and regulations that would affect the use of cell phones is not only an infringement of our freedom but also a denial of a means of using an effective device that could save our own life and the lives of others

Limiting the Usage of Cell Phones

There are proponents on the ban or limit of mobile phones who claimed that the use of these devices is irritating and dangerous . Hence , there should be rules and regulations to prevent the use of wireless phones in public places and also in some private area , e .g . private vehicles Mobile phones have features where devices can be set on silent or vibrating mode that would alert users of any incoming phone calls or text messages . Hence , these mobile devices are not irritating . The allegation on the danger of using wireless phones while filling a vehicle with gasoline can cause fire or explosion at the gas station was proven to have no scientific basis . It was discovered that static electricity created the spark that ignited the flammable materials and not the use of wireless phones . In terms of the concern of some users that constantly using cell phone could lead to brain cancer , there are findings and medical studies that have proven that this fear is baseless . There is no connection between brain cancer and use of wireless phones . Based on these two studies , we can only conclude that using wireless phones is not irritating and dangerous

No Limit on Cell Phones Usage

Imposing rules and regulations on the use of cell phones in public places is an infringement of our freedom to bring a personal belonging that would not pose any harm and danger to the public . As stated earlier , a mobile phone has several features that are not limited to receiving and making calls . Users can use their cell phones for text messages , emails , to get updates on the stock market reports or to check on their appointments . Hence , denying a person the right to use a cell phone is also a denial of his right to exercise his profession . In addition , if the use of a mobile device will not be allowed in public places , then sooner or later , there will also be rules and regulations on the use of laptop computers as these two devices have similar functions

Cell phone is an effective device that can be used for...

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