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Does the participation in sports affect the academics in school

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Does the Participation in Sports Affect the Academics in School Every parent or guardian has always a wish in his mind for the children to get the highest

academic grades in school . This is the reason the parents set aside a major portion of their budget for

the education of their children . They sent them to the best school they can afford because to many of the

parents , education is the best legacy they can offer to their kids . The parents consider good education as

the best

guarantee to the bright future of their kids . However , in school activities , there is no such thing

as all study and no play . Every normal kid has the wish to be known not only for good grades but also in

extra curricular activities like sports . It is believed that if a student participate in extra-curricular

activities like sports , the academic grades will be severely affected The reason for this is , if the student

will devote a portion of his time to sports , he will lose focus in his studies . The purpose of this article is

to shed light into this belief

1 . Results from researches in 1960 's to late 1970 's

A good number of studies correlating engagement in sports and academic grades can help us

decide if it is right to let our children into sports while studying in school . Studies during 1970 's did not

indicate whether the subject students are in high school , middle school or in college . Studies in 1960 's

and earlier indicated that students participating in sports activities in school tend to have lower grades

than the non-athletes ( Stephens and Schaben , March 2002 . On the other hand , majority of studies on

Stephens , Larry J and Schaben , Laura A . The Effect of Interscholastic sports participation on academic achievement of middle level school students . National Association of Secondary School Principals Bulletin , March 2002 . 23 April 2007 .Page no .2

the subject sports and academics relationship in the past two (2 decades revealed that students who

engage in sports have higher grades than those who do not participate in active sports ( Ballantine , 1981

as cited by Stephen and Schaben , Martch 202 . The same author in 1981 in his 6 studies reported a

positive correlation between academic grades and participation in sports program of their school ( Stephen and Schaben , March 202 . The U .S . Department of Education reported that the likelihood

of students with sports as cocurricular activities having a grade point average (GPA ) of 3 .0 or better is

three times more than the non-sports students (Mihoces , 1996 as cited by Stephen and Schaben

March 2002

2 . Study Results using High school students

Soltz (1986 ) and Silliker and Quirk ( 1997 ) as cited by Stephen and Schaben (March 2002

reported that GPAs of athletes is significantly higher statistically than the non-athletes and they normally

excel in academics during the season of competition . In other words high school students receive much

higher grades during the period that...

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