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Running Head : Parenthood


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It is an agreed fact that parents play an imperative and crucial role in the personality and character development of children . In human life parenthood is one of the stages that is awaited anxiously , and when it comes , it changes lives in an unexpected manner . Although modern practices do not allow parents to give hundred percent to their children , still , a number of families enjoy the benefit of parenthood which is essential for a both children , as well

as , parents . In specific , this will discuss some of the advantages , as well as drawbacks of parenthood

One of the major advantages of parenthood is a sense of responsibility that is achieved by becoming a parent . In this regard , blessings of children also being sense of responsibility , and thus , it is very important that couples should plan comprehensively before moving towards parenting stage . It is observed that unplanned parenting often results in a mess and unexpected conflicts . Though hard work is required in parenthood , parents enjoy a number of rewards (Westman , 2001 ) According to studies , self-understanding and development is enhanced in parenthood . In addition , parenthood provide delighted feelings at the time of accomplishments of children

On the other hand , parenthood results in a mess if such responsibility is not fulfilled effectively . It is very important that couples should plan and divide responsibilities and tasks , such as feeding , school conveyance , co-curricular activities , etc (Westman , 2001 ) One of the drawbacks of parenthood...

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