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palliative care management pro

Palliative Care Management Pro : A Case Study

The World Health Organization (WHO , 2007 ) defines palliative care as an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems , physical , psychosocial and spiritual ' It is an alternative treatment to a person who is no longer responsive to any medical solution in to manage emotional and physical pain of illness and death

and to make it possible for a patient experience or have utmost care , good quality of life , and dignity before dying . It guides the patient and the family in making decisions regarding symptom control pain management , treatment , care , last will , wishes , and issues that need to be addressed before the patient 's life closure (Doyle , Hanks MacDonald , 1998 Lo , Quill Tulsky , 1999 Lynch , 2003 . A detailed care plan for a resident who is dying is necessary in addressing his /her needs (Hudson Richmond , 2000 . This management pro serves as the official record of the client and it assumes vital importance as a communication tool for a thorough discussion with the client , family and health professionals . Such a record is used as the main resource for the clinical staff in caring for the client

A . Section one - Palliative client assessment

1 . Personal pro

Name of client : David Williams

Date of birth : 13th of October 1927 (80 years old

Address : 132 Southport 4215 QLD

Occupation : retired

Weight : 73 kg

Height : 181 cm

Family Appearance : David has a grey hair and a fair complexion but his skin appears dry and crepe-like . He walks in a stooped manner (as an indication of his lung disease and osteoarthritis ) without any aides though he holds on the rails or the walls . His gait is tentative and cautions

Family health history : David has two sisters . One of them (71years ) has a diabetes mellitus and still treating with tablets and his father died of heart disease in 1964 . His mother died because of CVA at the age of 74

Health history : When he was a child , David had measles , chicken pox and asthma . David used to smoke but he decided to quit when he was 55 years old . He was a very active and athletic . He liked surfing and playing rugby . David had undergone tonsillectomy when he was a teenager and appendectomy when he was 27 years old . He had a suture when he had a wound in his brow before 30 years ago . In 1998 , David had a road traffic accident in which he fractured his left foot , right femur and crushed two vertebrae

Sensory deficits : David used to wear reading glasses . He does not have any speech deficit or hearing impairment

Activities of daily living : During the first interview , David was independent of all activities of daily living (ADL 's . He was able to do personal hygiene and grooming activities

Affect : David appeared to...

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