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outline on a persuasive speech

br Mishra 1

Seema Mishra


March 25 ,2008

Outline on a persuasive speech

Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience to stop eating fast food and switch to

nutritious food

Organizational Pattern : Monroe 's Motivated Sequence

1 . Attention step

It is a great matter of concern for each individual because the fast food habit of this

generation is taking the children to childhood obesity and early , stress diabetes . The lack

of nutrition in the food is leading towards low immune system and so falling

prey to such

hazardous diseases at an early age . Today even infants are suffering from diabetes

gastrointestinal diss and many such diseases

2 . Need step

Parents as well as the school that provides lunch should give importance to nutritious

food and add fresh fruits and vegetables in the kids ' meal . Educate them about

importance of nutrition in our daily intake of food and the adverse effects of the fast food

Fast food has lot of harmful effects on the kids as well as adults . Kids become lazy and

gradually loose interest in studies and physical activities , which again give rise to

numerous problems . If a pregnant woman takes fast food most of the time the adverse

effect is seen on the health of child and the immune system of the infant born is very low

and it could be diabetic also . Page : 2

3 . Satisfaction / Solution

If the kids have got into the habit of fast food they need to be persuaded by making them

understand the adverse effects of it and at the same time preparing the nutritious food

tasty and tempting . This will lead the children to get diverted easily towards the nutritious

food . At the school level too food with nutritional value should be started and served to

the kids

4 . Visual Benefits

Parents and teachers should help the children to get rid of the temptation for fast food and

involve them in different activities that might prove to be quite interesting and involve

them mentally and physically

5 . Action / Conclusion

As a parent you spent some time with your kid and play with him or her in the park and

get fully involved with them . Never give them a treat of fast food instead bring them

fresh , seasonal and their favorite fruit...

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