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organ donation and selling body parts







Organ donation could refer to the removal of the tissues from a human body that is either dead or living so that they can be transplanted This is done to people of all ages and the procedure used is the surgery . The popularity of donations differs from one country to the other where by different countries allows or refuse donors to donate organs . The organs that could be procured include the heart , kidneys lungs , liver , skin , intestines . For these to be

donated , they are either procured from a brain dead donor or a donor where a family has given consent of donating . This is done after a cardiac death a process known as non-heart beat donation . Other tissues that could also be procured after death include femoral veins , great saphenous veins , small saphenous veins , bones , corneas , tendons , pericardium , and the sclera Organs which are donated by donors who are living , may include pancreases , kidneys , and parts of the liver . The organs donation has been controversial whereby different groups and individuals have pointed some positive and negative effects and aspects of the issue . This focus on both the impacts of organs donation , misconceptions and the recommendations to ensure it is done effectively

The operation of the organ transplants is physically risky both to donor 's and the recipient 's health . Because the exercise involves surgery in both parties , body tissues are destroyed especially if not done by professionally qualified and experienced doctors . Problems...

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