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How to optimize the development of children

It is an accepted reality that the World Wide Web has become one of the most widely used sources for information . Each day , millions of users search using the Internet for the information that they require . In a way , the Internet has emerged not as the alternative source of information but as the primary choice

My search for the article I needed began the search engine Google Although there are other search engines available , Google has always been my search engine of choice . The next step required me to determine what terms

I would use in searching . This is a vital step as sometimes the information that you get would highly depend on what search terms you would use . Having decided on the search terms I would use , I began to browse through the results that Google generated . The article I have chosen was found on the first page of the results . As I look back on the process , I realized that searching for articles online was not difficult . The most tedious task in searching would be determining what to search for , meaning what words to use . However , I also realized that not all information available online comes free . Some articles which I viewed required the payment of certain fees . This was especially true for articles from scholarly journals or publications that are available on online databases . As I know write this evaluation report , I have come to realize that searching online requires patience and careful examination of the information so that its credibility can be verified

Most of the time , I am apprehensive about articles from the WWW . This is because there are many companies who use articles online to promote certain products or services . These companies have articles written on certain subjects and interject the product or service that they are offering . However , to ensure that the information I retrieve from the internet is credible , I read through the whole article and see if credible sources are used . In the case of the article I chose , I was admittedly initially doubtful of its credibility . However , as I read the article and saw who its authors were as well as the organization that published it , I concluded that the article was credible and useful for those who would read it

I believe that with regards to information regarding child development both practical experience and scientific theories should be utilized Basically , an article should be based on scholarly work and at the same time , it should have practical application . Inevitably , scientific theories are deemed useless if their relevance to actual practices cannot be seen . In the article I chose , the information it provides is a result of using scientific research to produce practical guides to child development with regards to video games . It cited researches conducted by various scholars as sources for the guiding principles it gives parents . This , I believe , is the best way to write articles geared towards child development

The article I chose provides parents with a...

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