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it opertaing system

Running Head : Operating Systems

Operating Systems





Operating systems is defined as the software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with computer software Without it , a computer would be useless (Operating system ABCs , n .d Operating systems (OS ) can also be classified as multi-user multitasking , multiprocessing , and multithreading . A multi-user OS allows two or more users to use the computer at the same time or at different times . Some examples are Linux , UNIX , and Windows 2000 . On the other hand

, a multitasking OS is capable of allowing multiple applications at the same time . These OS include UNIX and Windows 2000 . A multiprocessing OS is capable of supporting and utilizing multiple computer processors . Multi-threading is an OS that allow various parts of software programs to run simultaneously . Some examples of this type of OS are Linux , UNIX , and Windows 2000 (Operating system types , n .d

The history of operating systems dates back in 1954 where the first OS named UNIVAC 1103 was developed by MIT . After a year , General Motors made one for the IBM 701 . In 1960 , computers do not contain OS , instead machines loaded the programs from the punched and tape which work until the program had finished the task or it crashed . Within this decade , IBM produced System /360 used by the mainframe computers . By 1970s , midrange systems were developed such as UNIX and VMS . During the microcomputer era in the 1980s , MS DOS and MAC OS shared in the competition . The Windows Era in the 1990s began with Windows 95 and in this decade , the FreeBsd and BeOS also became popular UNIX operating systems . From that time , most commonly used operating systems were from the Microsoft Windows family , Linux , and other UNIX-like operating systems (i .e . Mac OS X (History of Operating Systems , n .d

The Microsoft operating systems include the series MS-DOS , Windows95 and WindowsNT . The main benefits of these OS are availability of inexpensive applications programs hence less costly than other OS and compatibility with all hardware configurations so you can use it on any hardware . The drawbacks were the lack of decent connectivity and interoperability . Also , significant maintenance is required for security resources since there is a history of viruses infecting the system (Hughes , n .d

The UNIX operating system has the following advantages : excellent connectivity , stability , scalability and multi-user /multi-tasking . In 25 years existence in the market , UNIX proved to be very reliable and offers many connectivity options . The drawbacks of this system are modifications tend to be proprietary to specific vendor and do not make it back into the UNIX base used by all vendors and not all manufacturers offer machines throughout the capabilities spectrum hence new versions of applications software should be purchased for the new vendor /architecture (Hughes , n .d

The Linux operating system has the following benefits : portability and connectivity capabilities . Portability is significant since Linux introduces upgrades such as new hardware yearly . Also , Linux offers connectivity capabilities such as TCP...

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