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operations management


This report assessed those problems militating against quality operation management in Roundal Wright retirement Homes . Different quality assessment element such as leadership , people management , strategic planning , information and analysis , process management , and performance were utilized to show the quality service level in the retirement home It was found out that the quality service level is low in the Roundal Wright Retirement Homes . Hence , the user involvement mechanism is recommended as a model for improving quality operational management in

br the welfare service hoe . Furthermore , it is admonished that government and its agencies should improve on the funding of these homes to make administration more effective


In modern days , implementation and management of facility and project for human utilization , this requires participation , renewal , and innovativeness . Innovative management and coordination and operating facilities for public usage goes a long way to improving the level of utility that users derives . Operations management has to do with the effective coordination , implementation and putting in place resources at the right time , and quality in to maximize the delivery of satisfactory output to operations in the productivity phases in service delivery and product creation . Thus , in operation concerning maintaining facility for public usage , the need for effective coordination of every aspect and segments of such project or facility will result in the creation of increased utility for the users Considering the environmental factors and facility resources in place operation managers in charge facilities used by different categories of people need to make sure there are facilities that are effectively used to bring out the maximum benefits to users

Since resources are scarce and cannot go round , the Classical Resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP ) advocates that priority should be set against every activities that should be carried out in the operation of facility management . Thus , in an operation management scheme having activities are interrelated by two constraints Precedence constraints , which entails that an activity should not be started before all its predecessors have been finished . The other is resource constraints which arise from the embeddings of activities resources from one to the , where both share are complementary to the other . In this scenario , since activities are only available with the constant period availability of a unit of one resource for each period such activities might not be schedule at their earliest (precedence feasible ) start time but later . The objectives of the RCPSP are to enable the operation manager to obey precedence and resource-constraints to obtain the maximum utilization of available scarce resources (Kolisch , 1996 . Thus , in the cause of implementing operations the variables to consider obtaining include how the leadership in the operation management is effectively operated . Including how people are being managed (Human resource ) and coordinated to work towards meeting the organization 's strategic objectives and targets , how the organization focus on its customers by determining their current and emerging needs and expectations , building up a strong customer-management relationship and...

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