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Opera is a form of musical and dramatic work in which singers convey the drama . Opera is the part of western music tradition . An opera performance consists of many of elements such as theatre , acting , scenery , costumes and dance . Numbers of operas were performed or directed by Gian Carlo Menotti during his lifetime and he continued his success with The Consul , written 1950and now in the hands of major opera companies performing operas . The Consul was first brought to England by Sir Lawrence Oliver , made its premier at La Scala

and subsequently translated into 14 languages . It was his first full length work in which he prepared everything from singing to acting to writing and he won Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics Circle award as the best musical of the year in 1954

The Consul was first performed at the Shubert theatre in Philadelphia The Consul was phenomenally successful opera dealing with 20th century . The Consul is an opera with music and libretto by Gian- Carlo Menotti

First performed on March 1 , 1950 , the three act opera is a story about a woman living in a police state who seeks a visa to join her husband in freedom . Due to critical or specified circumstances she was not able to join her husband in freedom and due to this she commits suicide

In detail it is set in a fighting for a democratic government . The secret police force him to leave the country and also to leave his wife Magda . They made a compulsion on his wife that if he wants to accompany his husband she must obtain a visa to leave the country and join him in freedom war During in between months a lot happen in the life of Magda as her baby and mother-in-law get died . Then she got the information that her husband is coming home to free her , despite that the fact that he will captured on his return . The whole opera was based on metaphors , but audience recognizes the language of believers , of heroes Sorel and his wife represent . John 's gave practical advice to magda to visit Consul

In this opera the melodic references to Puccini are darkly comedic in their relation to the Consul office interchanges , and accordingly the music seems much more discordant and fragmented than the former opera . The Consul ' of opera of Menotti found the perfect combination of melodramatic and sometimes overly sweet melodic moments . The Menotti had capacity to extract fine performance from the actors portraying strong characters same in case Magda and Sorel , even the abandoned mother of small crippled child , all inordinately strong figures , are brought down by nearly insignificant events and individuals . The background music of The consul ' was extremely touching , beautiful , charming , and dramatic and this makes it click with audience . This sells the opera on the stage and places perfect position in heart

As mentioned above , The Consul , considered by many to be his greatest work . The opera tells the...

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