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old testment

Running head : OLD TESTAMENT

The Book of Job How would a person feel if he or she lost their own children as well as everything they owned ? Would that individual come closer to the Lord or turn their back from Him ? These are the types of questions Job faced in his day , but some ask them in our century too . However , a Babylonian Job also exists , and similarities and differences are compared as well

One may have issues come about in regards to the book . For example Job 's sons and daughters

died . Those were his offspring , but now he has to fully rely on God and his wife to make it through those tough times In the midst of losing his family , he also lost all his possessions which were animals . He needed them to survive as well as earn money too . Now he has to trust that God will provide for his basic needs The basic needs for survival are food , clothing , and shelter . He at least had clothing and shelter , but where would he get food ? Throughout the book God and Satan battle it out in regards to Job 's life , but somehow in the end the Lord prevails , which makes this book exciting and interesting to read . A person can grow closer to their Heavenly Father and realize that they too are not alone in the midst of their circumstances

In regards to the book , many questions arise while reading it . Why is it a book...

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