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obstacles to coming to college

Obstacles to Coming to College

February 09 , 2007

Obstacles to coming to college

I found myself lying on my bed contemplating on my future . I am struggling to create a mental picture of me and my parents in this new stage of my life and education . The past years have been fine for all of us but I cannot also deny the fact that there were also rough times that came . Those rough times prompted me at times to look forward and prepare for my next courses of action especially relative to

my college studies I know that getting a college degree can be an exhilarating and enriching experience yet it will also be full of challenges and obstacles . Not only my parents should be ready for these but foremost myself . Right now I know that my topmost priority is to finish a college degree

These thoughts brought me back to the time when I saw my friend crying so hard because she learned that she could no longer pursue her college Her father was laid off from his job and it would be impossible for her to continue her studies with only her mother working . She was really so devastated that I can see still remember the paleness of her face and the desperation in her eyes . Deep in my heart I knew that like other young individuals of her age she also desired to finish a degree . Her desire was crumpled because of an unforeseen event that happened to their family affecting her parents ' financial capacity to send her to college

College studies can be very expensive nowadays especially if quality education is pursued . The fact is financial constraint is one of the prevalent challenges of parents and children entering college . The reality is most students failed to finish a degree because of parents financial difficulties which at times are not even apparent from the very start of the student 's college education . This happens because many parents failed to consider that apart from the tuition fee to pay there are also other incidental expenses in that their children will get a college degree . These incidental expenses are sometimes even more than the amount of the tuition fee . The books , projects , and other requirements needed for a student to accomplish a subject requirement are sometimes very expensive too . The student 's everyday expenses like food , transportation , and allowances can add up to the family 's daily budget . This reality means parents and students must prepare for college education and plan ahead . The fact that college studies takes years to finish must also prompt parents to prepare and endeavor to maintain financial sustainability . Most often students rely on parents to send them to universities , and parents ' financial difficulty would mean students ' lost opportunity to finish a degree

Financial difficulty is just one of the many obstacles that a student entering college may encounter . There are a lot of variations of obstacles but few understand that said are just...

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