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nursing theory(orem)

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Yvonne Leyson - Orem 's Theory and Family Health Nursing 05 June , 2007 In the presentation of a theoretical discussion on the concept of self care with particular considerations for family nursing practice , the concept of self-care is mainly known in Orem 's Self-Care Deficit Theory of nursing . Orem 's theory views the individual as a self-care agent with unique needs which will affect family health thereby providing support that health education and evaluation is the main role of nurses (Cody 2006 :308 . Nurses according to Cody

believes that family models complement the nursing models to provide a more holistic and comprehensive perspective of clients and their concerns (2006 :308 Orem 's theory has therefore a clinical applicability at home in the growing demand for home-based health nursing services . The theory has provided that practice will be grounded in evidence-based clinical knowledge and skills within the framework of family , home and community concepts (Orem , 2001 :2 . Likewise , as self-care has been introduced and incorporated into the practice of community health a provision has included the provision of care to families and other healthcare givers while giving utmost concern to the individual needs of patients and clients . Ali analyzed distinct models presented in 1990 which included Orem 's theory and decided that Orem 's self-care theory should encourage nurses to anticipate the potential problems which include family circumstances in family health planning from which a care plan can be derived (Dolan and Holt , 2000 :4 . Such findings catapulted into evolution the support for Orem 's theory in the actual process of providing care for the patient and his family and the provision of a health continuum for everyone Orem 's theory can be used to categorize , understand , predict and alter behavior of both sick and well individuals that is therapeutic in maintaining life and health and in the recovery from disease or injury or in coping with their effects (Orem , 2001 : 82 . This presupposes that there is no limit on the provision of care while validating all perceptions that the family is included in the paradigm of care to promote self-care abilities of the patient . We cannot discount the involvement of the family that entirely affects the health status of the individual . A particular example in this case would point to a hospitalized vehicular accident patient where after hospital treatment and rehabilitation is ed to complete his recovery at home Completing the period of recovery at home necessitates his re-entry to his normal way of life prior to the accident . The family is therefore enhanced to effectively encourage the patient to attend to his self-care needs while staying on the sidelines yet supportively providing positive encouragement for the patient 's complete recovery . The effective role of nurses is providing family education for the benefit of adjustment to the temporary family role changes Nurses at the same time bring to light the family models to compensate Orem 's nursing model and provide a more holistic approach to clients and their concerns...

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