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nursing theorist interaction

Nursing Theorist Interaction


A theory is considered good when a lot of enthusiasts , experts and students are adhering to its claims . When this is the case , there is a greater possibility that the theory has been steadily in use or employed as a model to represent or posit reality . Characteristic to the practical and scientific endeavor that is nursing , the theory must therefore work , must be scientifically sound in its applications to specific problems or the particular inquiry being pursued

Arguments abound in the grass roots level due to the

real use of having to study theories . Many even graduate at the masters level without ever understanding the rationale behind theories applied in nursing . The truth of the matter according to nurses on job is that they just receive s from doctors so why bother to study theories at all . The real essence is that whatever specialty the nurse may be concentrating , there would be much help when the nurse knows the reasons behind her actions and delivery of services . This is the use of the nursing theory

Discussion of Inquiry

I . A . Name of Website : Nurse Scribe

B . Web address : http /www .enursescribe .com /nurse_theorists .htm


1 . How available is it to research the theory

If judging a theory website will be based on face value , Nurse Scribe website will hardly make it to the top . What is good with the website is its licated features . A nurse or nursing student can easily recognize the theories right away and these theories look very appetizing ' to someone who is bent on absorbing the material concerned . Without a doubt it 's one of the no-nonsense websites that delivers as it promises to deliver . It flaunts the theories from a historical standpoint , meaning the theories from Florence Nightingale 's era and onwards are separately discussed and ostensibly distinguished from their contemporary counterparts . It is comprehensive as it is able to thoroughly cover the basics of the individual theory replete with bibliography

2 . What articles , books , journals have been published since the development of the theory

There are lists of books published under most of the models mentioned e .g , Humanistic model featured five theorists with their corresponding s plus the links to the theory explaining most of the specific theory in full

3 . How or where is the theory best applicable to nursing practice

The website did not highlight what is deemed the best single theory obviously there is no clue as to what might be the web sponsor 's preferences

4 . What attracts you to the theory and why

What is important to me is the readability both in its printed appearance (font color , font size etc ) and the usage of words or vocabulary that appeals to students both in undergraduate and graduate levels . Moreover , the expandability of the offerings or features of website to provide a rich linkage to the individual theory /theorist is also an important consideration for me . The transcultural Nursing theory of Madeleine-Leninger...

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