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nursing students clinical decsion making

Nursing students clinical decision making

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Decision-making is very crucial in nursing practice . The Nursing and Midwifery Council identifies the professional responsibility in the code of Professional Conduct (NMC , 2002 . Nurses are expected to be responsible for their decision-making and planning appropriate care for their clients (NMC , 2002 . This responsibility results to positive outcome in a professional and organizational level . It is very important for nurses to make an appropriate decision in what caring actions to use and

to which patients as emphasized by Sackett et al (1996 ) on evidence-based practice in health care


Theories of Decision-making

There are several theories regarding decision making in the healthcare settings . According to McGrew and Wilson (1982 , it is essential to have models or concepts in the attempt to make an explanation . This serves as a starting point in deriving a decision

The Analytical Framework

Fonteyn and Ritter (2000 ) suggested that a set of rules and principles are often expressed in information-processing terms in which the decision maker is set to follow these rules . In this model Fonteyn and Ritter (2000 ) explained that through education and experience , the individual stores important information in his or her memory which results to effective decision-making by retrieving the information stored in case problem occurs

In addition , Carroll and Johnson (1990 ) suggested an alternative information-processing model that will draw around sequential stages These stages are flexible and focus directly on decision-making . The models they suggested (Carroll...

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