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nursing professionalism

p Following Instructions in Health Professions

Respecting Authority and Policies of an Institution

David G . Thomas III

FCCJ - North Campus

Nursing Department


Nursing is gaining recognition as a profession . The nurse in all professional relationships , practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity , worth and , uniqueness of every individual unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status , personal attributes , or the nature of health problems . Professionalism refers to professional character , spirit , or methods . It is a set of attributes a way of life that implies responsibility

and commitment . Each healthcare institution has specific standards and policies which are within the nursing educational program . Specific professional nursing values are stated in nursing code of ethics , in standards of nursing care practice and in the legal system itself . The professional nurse frequently assumes the roles of a leader who influences others to work together to accomplish a specific goal

Professionalism in Nursing

A profession is generally distinguished from other kinds of occupations by its requirement of prolonged , specialized training to acquire a body of knowledge pertinent to the role to be performed , an orientation of the individual toward service , either to a community or to an organization , ongoing research , and code of ethics , autonomy , and professional organization

Nursing is an art of practice , based on theory driven , and scientifically based profession . The process of care , which occurs through partnership between the practitioners and patient , enables nurses to nurture human potential , enhance quality of life and assists to achieve optimal health . Nursing draws its knowledge and theory from nursing , basic , behavioral , and biological sciences (Mission , 2007

Leadership is a shared responsibility in which nurses form strong relationships that will result to excellent nursing practice . In to support excellence in professional practice , humanism must be in the work environment to help nurses feel safe , respected and


The purpose of nursing leadership varies according to the level of application and includes (a ) improving the health status of individuals or families (b ) increasing the effectiveness and level of satisfaction among professional colleagues , and (c ) improving the attitudes of citizens and legislators toward the nursing profession and their expectations of it . Leadership has been characterized with different styles one of the styles is autocratic . Also called an authoritarian leader . An authoritarian leader makes decision for the group . Their driving force is extrinsic , they desire rewards from others and are incapable of independent decision making . Autocratic style is effective and productivity is high . When urgent decisions are necessary , one must assume the responsibility for making decisions without being challenged When we do not wish to participate in making decisions , the authoritarian style solves the problem and enables the individual or group to move on

Authority is one of the most important approaches towards influence as it monitors the behavior of any individuals of any organizations from the outside environment ' Simon , H .A (1976 . Authority is defined as the power to make decisions , which guides the actions of another , in other words , a typical relationship between...

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