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Paper Topic:

nursing application( admission)

Personal Essay

My desire to become a nurse has been influenced by my perception about health and my dedication to be of service . Health is certainly the most important aspect in one 's life . Consequently , I personally believe that healthcare is the most important sector in the society . Hence , as my way of helping the society , I want to devote my life to the field of healthcare

I am also moved to pursue a health-related career because of my desire to ensure the health of my family . In nursing , the proper medications

br and ways to maintain one 's good health and the ways of healing diseases among others , are imparted to students . Through the knowledge and skills that I will be acquiring , I would then be capable of nursing my family Nevertheless , I also want to serve other people especially during their most tormenting moments . I find fulfillment in serving others by taking care of them and easing their burden . In fulfillment of this simple aspiration , I have adamantly decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing

I am fully aware that being a nurse takes more than sacrifices . The nature of the job is strenuous and risky because of nurses are always exposed to diseases which may potentially affect their health . In addition , much time and effort is required because of the number of patients that need to be attended to . However , I am confident that I can surpass all ordeals and survive the hardships to...

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