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U.S. nuclear weapons and weapon programs

RPP : U .S . Nuclear Weapons and Weapon Programs

Thesis Statement : Replacing the Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP with the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program (RRW ) may alleviate existing issues concerning the long-term reliability , safety , security and manufacturing of U .S . weapons . However , the RRW has been cancelled due to the overwhelming concern of long-term funds to maintain RRW and Democrats feel as though the RRW is not a proven technology (GlobalSecurity .org . However , the RRW should be used as a motive not to continue nuclear testing . Currently , the SSP consists of worn weapons that

are costly to maintain and are subjected to underground testing (Boyer 303 . Implementing the RRW will provide cost-efficient and reliable weapons that are manufactured to last with fewer obligations to nuclear underground testing . Implementing the RRW would be a good investment for this reason alone . Overall , replacing the SSP with the RRW will establish new cost-efficient weapons with less maintenance that are less prone to underground nuclear testing provide state-of-the art technology to protect the U .S . from terrorist 's intrusions - such as hacking and unauthorized usage , and create an efficient method for securing the decreasing stockpile

1 ) Long Term Reliability of U .S Weapons

The maintenance of refurbished weapons may become more complicated due to aging . The RRW addresses this issue by implementing new weapons that are cost-efficient and safe thus providing reliable and safe weapons for the U .S . According to the article , A New Nuclear Warhead , The RRW is committed to the smallest nuclear stockpile...

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