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novel analysis


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Novel Analysis : Love in the Time of Cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the greatest authors in world literature . This Nobel Laureate came from Latin America , but his novels have been acclaimed all over the world . One of those novels is Love in the Time of Cholera . Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a remarkable novel that renders love as an illness . In addition , the story reaffirms the presence of love through romanticism and declares its absence

through a rational point of view

Love in the Time of Cholera is about the enduring love story between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza . Florentino first encountered Fermina when he delivered a telegram to Lorenzo Daza , Fermina 's father (Trainor . Florentino fell in love with her and soon the young lovers were exchanging love letters (Trainor . However , the discovery of their relationship brought the couple apart . Fermina was expelled from school because she was found writing love letters , and her father also saw love letters in her room that prompted him to take Fermina on a long trip to forget about Florentino (Trainor

After a long absence , Fermina returns as a beautiful , full-grown woman She has forgotten about Florentino , and at their encounter upon her arrival , she asks him to forget it (qtd . in Couteau . In turn , he tries to win her back , but his efforts were futile (Trainor . In time Fermina marries renowned Dr . Juvenal Urbino . This deeply affected Florentino , and he vowed to win Fermina back no matter how long it takes

Indeed , after fifty-one years , nine months and four days , Florentino got his opportunity (Couteau . Dr . Urbino died when he fell from a ladder in an attempt to save his parrot (Trainor . At the doctor 's funeral , Florentino wasted no time in telling Fermina his feelings toward her (Trainor . This angered Fermina , and she tells him to leave (Trainor . The funeral incident was soon followed by the exchange of letters , and the two lovers resume their romantic relationship (Trainor . In the end , Florentino and Fermina go on a river voyage (Trainor

Cholera may be the implied disease in the title , but the story presents love as the real illness . The manifestation of love as a sickness is best embodied by the character of Florentino . He is so engrossed with his love for Fermina that it eventually proves detrimental to his health . In the second chapter of the novel , Florentino 's homeopath godfather mistakenly assessed his sickness as cholera , when he was merely exhibiting symptoms of love sickness (Trainor . In the same chapter , Florentino also consumed flowers and cologne which made him vomit (Trainor . The emotional anguish he feels over his unrequited love for Fermina is translated into physical suffering (Trainor Therefore , love is an illness because its effects prove to be harmful to one 's physical and emotional state , as exemplified by Florentino

The story also shows the presence and absence of love , as personified by the two...

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