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1 . Describe neurotransmitters in terms of what they are , their general function within the body , and their impact on behavior

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that enable the transfer of information from one neuron across the gap , which is called the synapse , between it and the neuron beside it . They basically amplify , modulate , and relay signals between one neuron and another cell (Boeree , 2003 . Although there are many ways to classify them , they are generally grouped according to their function . In addition , they are categorized into three groups namely peptides , monoamines , and amino acids

(Boeree 2003 . Furthermore , they can be divided based on their specific function . Most of these functions trigger a person 's mood , reaction , or emotions

For example , acetylcholine , which was the first neurotransmitter discovered , is mainly responsible for muscle stimulation . It also plays an important role in inducing dreams while sleeping (Boeree , 2003 . On the other hand , norepinephrine is another neurotransmitter that impacts behavior as it puts the entire body into heightened mode ' or high alert ' by increasing the blood pressure and heart rate . In addition dopamine induces a wanting ' mood and pleasure while serotonin triggers wakefulness and memory (Boeree , 2003 . Endrophin on the other hand , is called the feel good ' neurotransmitter as it induces a feeling of happiness in a person

2 . Discuss the connection between neurons and neurotransmitters

The connection between the neurons and neurotransmitters is that the latter allows the movement of messages or information across the gap or synapse found between two neurons . Basically , neurons have structures that link it with other neurons namely the dendrite , which moves messages toward the body of the cell , and the axon , which moves messages from the cell body to the dendrite of another cell (University of Texas 2008 . Since there is a known gap between the dendrite of one cell and the axon of another cell , it is the neurotransmitters that enable the message or information to cross from the axon of one neuron to the dendrite of another neuron . Without it , no information or message can be exchanged or transferred between neurons

3 . Pick two neurotransmitters and discuss their general functions in our bodies . Also discuss each neurotransmitter 's connection with disease or diss . Does a neurotransmitter problem cause the disease , or does the disease cause a neurotransmitter problem ? In other words , what might be the relationship between transmitter function or effectiveness and a particular disease or dis

Two examples of neurotransmitters are serotonin and dopamine . Serotonin basically acts as a chemical that stimulates and controls a variety of behaviors that include sleep , aggression , anger , appetite , and sexuality , among others . Various studies have shown that decreased dopamine production in the body have led to obsessive compulsive dis , suicide , anger management problems , and depression (Boeree 2003 . On the other hand , dopamine is a chemical that regulates voluntary movement , pleasure , and motivation and is closely associated with addiction (Boeree , 2003 . Based on many researches , increased action in dopamine is strongly linked to various psychological diss such as schizophrenia and...

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