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nervous system





The Nervous System

The human body is a multitude of systems that process and functions to serve the purpose of various human activities . The systems are organized and properly placed according to function and most of the time interact with one another in maintaining the human body . The maintaining system which acts as a command center for the human body is otherwise called the nervous system

The nervous system controls the body 's activities such as movement digestion , respiration , blood circulation , and sensory function

. The nervous system is basically divided in to two parts , the central nervous system and the peripheral nervoustem (Oleksy , 12 . The combined effort of the two components then make human activity possible (Oleksy , 12

The central nervous system is composed of the Brain and the Spinal Cord and comprises most of the nervous system . The Brain is the central organ which controls all human actions through the autonomic nervous system . These actions also include involuntary ones such as heart beat cell reproduction , perspiration , and respiration (Oleksy , 18 . The brain is divided in to three parts which is referred to as the fore , the middle , and the hind brain (Oleksy , 18

The fore brain regulates higher and complex actions , the mid brain and the hind brain on the other hand are tasked to contro involuntary autonomic actions (Oleksy , 19 . The human brain 's mass meanwhile is higher than any other organism , particularly on the neocortex which is responsible for comprehension of language and consciousness , this section is located on the left side of the human brain (Oleksy , 19-20 Though the human brain has advanced capabilities , the structure is still similar to that of primates and other vertebrates , the only difference comes in the size of the neocortex (Oleksy , 20

The brain is also divided in to two sides , the left and the right . The left side is responsible for facilitating the right side of the body while the right side controls the left side of the body (Oleksy , 26 Most individuals hold the neocortex on the left side of the brain , there are also some people who have the section on the right side , and in some rare individuals , both sides contain the section that processess language (Oleksy , 27

The spinal cord is another essential part of the central nervous system and the nervous system in general . It is a thin long cluster of nerves that serve as an extension of the brain which is protected by the bone in the vertebrae (Oleksy , 30 . The spinal cord is the transmission medium of the brain to the peripheral nervous system which then transmits messages to the other parts of the body (Oleksy , 30 . The spinal chord ranges from the medulla oblongata , the lower part of the brain stem , down to the conus medullaris between the first and second discs of the lumbar vertebrae (Oleksy , 32

The spinal cord is enveloped by three membranes dura mater , the outer covering layer arachnoid matter , the middle layer...

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