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Paper Topic:

nature of logic and perception

Nature of Logic and Perception


Introduction /Thesis Statement

This entitled Nature of Logic and Perception ' intends to : A reintroduce the following psychological concepts or terminologies by explaining the nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking and how I personally understood it B ) outline my own perceptual process C describe the types of perceptual blocks that influence my views D explain the critical thinking process and how it is altered by perception and E ) address the following : 1 ) identify an instance in your life where your perception of

the reality situation was far from the actual reality 2 ) what did you think was going on 3 ) what was really going on 4 ) why was there such a difference 5 ) what happened 6 ) what did you learn and 7 ) how did your critical thinking process change

Definition of Terms

Perceptual Process ' is technically defined as the sequence of steps that begins with the environment and leads to our perception of a stimulus and an action in response to the stimulus (The , n .d Perceptual Blocks , however , include the following : 1 ) difficulty in isolating the problem 2 ) tendency to delimit the problem too closely 3 ) inability to see the problem from various viewpoints 4 ) seeing what you expect to see (stereotyping 5 ) saturation and 6 ) failure to utilize all sensory inputs (Perceptual , n .d . Last but not least Critical Thinking ' is defined as the mental process of analyzing or evaluating statements or propositions that people have offered as true (Alsagoff , 2007 . It also entails reflecting upon the meaning of statements , examining reasoning , as well as , forming judgments based on the facts (Alsagoff , 2007

Instance in My Life Where My Perception of the Situation was Far From the Reality

There was a time when I was torn between two jobs that I believe I would love to make a career of or focus on . It actually began when I have been accepted to become a part of a certain research company . I wanted to join the company but I have also been promoted at my mother 's bakeshop from just being one of the cake designers , I was given the privilege to manage one of the branches of her bakeshop . This has been extremely excruciating on my part . So what I initially did was to ask for the Human Resources Department of the bakeshop , as well as , that of the research company , if I could have a few more days before I finally sign the contract . This move of mine would buy me some time to rethink things over and sort everything out . Fortunately for me , both the representatives of the Human Resources Department agreed to my request I took advantage of the time provided to me and thought of a decision-making model that I could use to be able to guide me through Since critical thinking should be involved in the crucial decision that I have to make , I resorted to the four-step sequence decision-making model known as the...

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