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the nature of the imagery in `the story of the hour`

Chopin 's The Story of an Hour





She was drinking in the very elixir of life ' and for the first time Louise truly live , breathed , and existed in a society dominated by men and in a her own world controlled by her husband . Louise Mallard is the central character to Kate Chopin 's short story The Story of an Hour and is offered to the reader as a reflection of the role of women in the late 18th century . Much of Kate

Chopin 's work , like The Story of an Hour , explores gender related issues including marriage , divorce , and female sexuality

The Story of an Hour ' is a neatly packaged product of her feminist investigation . Through humor , wit , and skillfully used literary elements Chopin breathes life into the story of a woman completely controlled by her husband who experiences momentary freedom by sheer luck of a train accident . Chopin uses several symbols to evoke the feeling of rebirth , renewal , and autonomy . Just after Louise is told about the death of her husband , she enters her bedroom and finds the open window ' Through it she can see new spring life ' on the street below , and realizes that now she too can be part of that life , on her own terms . The open window symbolizes her clear passage to exist fully in the world without her husband standing in her way . Louise hears and sees the countless sparrows were twittering in the eaves Birds are a traditional icon of freedom . Chopin specific word choice in the sentences following Louise briefly mourning her husband include - monstrous joy , victory , Free ! Body and soul free . All of which are not the usual emotions one would expect after hearing of the loss of a loved one . In the late 18th century a woman 's role was solely to care for her husband and children , never simply for herself . If a woman had no husband , she did not exist . Kate Chopin parallels this real life irony to the condition of Louise in the short story . Chopin is a master story teller and employs the use of irony seamlessly . In The Story of an Hour ' two forms of irony can be found - situation and dramatic irony

Kate Chopin uses irony to produce an ongoing theme of appearance versus reality , much like Shakespeare used in his plays . She uses irony because it 's funny . It adds a lightness to a very serious subject and it allows the reader to feel involved and therefore invested in the story . Kate Chopin , as an author , knew that if she had a good hook , the reader would stay around long enough to get the lesson she was trying to express

The wordplay of pronouns and formal names is amazing in The Story of an Hour ' Chopin begins the story but using Louise formal name , Mrs Mallard . Louise is depicted by her married name or by the pronoun she ' until after her husband death and her...

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