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the nature of the imagery in `the story of the hour`


Imagery in Chopin 's The Story of an Hour





Imagery in Chopin 's The Story of an Hour

Kate Chopin 's The Story of an Hour ' describes the emotional last hour of Mrs . Mallard . She was told her husband is dead . The news of his death does not cause her to mourn . She reflects on how he had treated her during their marriage , and is suddenly d with happiness to have a life of her own . She was a frail woman with heart problems

. When her husband walks in their home , unaware he had been reported dead , she dies . Chopin uses a great deal imagery to describe Mrs . Mallard 's thoughts and feelings during her emotional last hour of life . The nature of the imagery includes the relationship between the Mallards the natural world around her , and the promise of a new life

Her marriage was oppressive her husband had a powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature (p . 1 She was not deeply in love with him , and was not torn by grief to learn of his death . It is her knowledge of his death that brings her to life She had feared living a long life with him . Believing he was dead , she suddenly hoped for a long life that she would live for herself (p .2 . As long as he lived she was less than alive . Her belief of his death has suddenly revived her . When she learns the truth it kills her This relationship creates an image of the opposing forces in nature . She is weak by nature , overpowered by the force of her husband . When that force is removed from her she strengthens with the thought of a new life . When the overpowering force unexpectedly returns it kills any idea of a new life

The imagery of new life around her serves to describe her thoughts and feelings . She sees trees full with the new spring life (p .2 . She is aware of the spring rain , clouds and blue sky , and the noise of life . As she became aware of the life around her , she began to feel it as well creeping out of the sky , reaching toward her through the sounds , the scents , the color that filled the air (p .2 . The great changes in nature brought by Spring provide a powerful image of the changes within her

The dramatic changes in her feelings were as dramatic and unstoppable as the changes of the seasons . She did not allow herself to feel guilty for having the thoughts of a bright new life . It was not a monstrous joy ' but a natural elation . She was not only becoming aware of all of the life around her , she was becoming part of it . Her grief would be real as she saw her husband for the last time , but she could not dwell...

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