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natural disaster and its effect on economy

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Natural Disaster and Its Effect on Economy


Disasters in all forms , whether made-created or natural have an immediate direct reflection on the economies where they strike and in a chain-reaction on overall economies because of the complex demands that have to be addressed to bring relief and a sense of normalcy as best as possible

However , in this the economical effects due to natural disaster are specifically being addressed and first we should look at some of the

br different types of natural disaster faced by humankind the world over These include earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , flooding in all forms including typhoons and tornados tsunamis , landslides out-break of diseases and even lightening among other natural phenomena . Most of the times , these natural disasters strike without early warning causing devastation to people , their properties and livelihoods and the environment . As a consequence , economies are strained to provide relief and rehabilitation and other humanitarian aid to the affected people and for the repair of damaged infrastructures ( HYPERLINK http /daccessdds .un .org /doc /UNDOC /GEN /N06 /365 /43 /PDF /N0636543 .pdf ?OpenE lement http /daccessdds .un .org /doc /UNDOC /GEN /N06 /365 /43 /PDF /N0636543 .pdf ?OpenE lement

One point of interest to be made is that in comparison with the past the modern world has an increased population with a better organised living style , based on close and densely populated communes with larger houses , buildings , industrial complexes and overall structures Therefore , more people are likely to be affected when natural disasters strike due to this important factor

In recognition of the terrible devastation natural disasters can cause all second Wednesdays in Octobers are now considered as International Days for Natural Disasters by the United Nations , to refocus the urgent need to prevent activities and reduce loss of life , damage to property infrastructure and the environment . Plus , to focus on finding ways and means of managing social and economic without disruption when natural disasters strike ( HYPERLINK http /daccessdds .un .org /doc /UNDOC /GEN /N06 /365 /43 /PDF /N0636543 .pdf ?OpenE lement http /daccessdds .un .org /doc /UNDOC /GEN /N06 /365 /43 /PDF /N0636543 .pdf ?OpenE lement

Background to Natural Disaster and Its Effect on Economy

The regularity with which natural disasters strike is rising but with unpredictable intervals . The reasons for these disasters are also due to the consequences of development and industrialisation , deforestation and constant degradation of the ecological systems the world over . For examples , when the Caribbean was hit be tropical storms in 2004 , due to deforestation there was nothing to stop the storm waters from wreaking devastating havoc in Haiti . Similarly , European countries such as Germany and France were adversely affected when their major rivers over-flooded because they had been straightened to ease the flow commercial traffic on them . While the element of human behaviour also plays a part towards the growing patterns of climate changes and global warming , the natural phenomena factors have also to be considered as the reasons...

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