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The narure of American foreign relations in history

Running Head : American Foreign Relation History






The united states has one of its heaviest diplomatic presence in any nation , it is evident that in almost every country in the world there is a U .S embassy , only a few countries do not have formal diplomatic relations with the U .S . they are : Bhutan ,Cuba , Iran , Kosovo , Northern Cyprus ,North Korea China and Western Sahara . However the American foreign relations has come along way and has a vast historical changes and policies since 1776

p The American foreign relation policy is a very controversial subject that different nations view with mixed reactions , countries in the middle east highly criticize the policy , countries with poor relations with the united states like Cuba do not appreciate America 's foreign policy . However some countries in the developing countries appreciate the policy and find it a protective mechanism against corrupt leaders and also terrorism . It is important to note that , in America there has also been debate on the policy especially during presidential campaigns For instance , there has been a heated debate on the subject with critics and the supporters raising their views . This foreign policy aims at providing security , ensuring democracy and influence the world to put America on the forefront not forgetting the international community at large . The American foreign policy dates back from 1889 when a policy known as isolationist was introduced , according to Paul (1987 isolationist was a policy the American government used to isolate itself from other countries and only concentrated on their needs . In 1801 the isolationist policy came to an end after an attack by the Barbary coast corsairs , there was much debate since the isolationist did not want to indulge in international affairs , by that time America had lost so much in terms of economy and the creation of the United States navy was inevitable . The navy ensured protection of the country and great involvement of the international affair . The conflict had a negative impact in the country it resulted to more conflicts the most notable being the , 1812 war with Great Britain and also with France . The United States established the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 which was a policy to declare its opposition to European interference in the America , this led to war against Mexico resulting to the present territories of Texas , New Mexico , Arizona and California . Afterwards America could not go unchallenged conflict arose between Britain and Russia , this was caused by the following territories Oregon territory , Spain fought over Florida and Cuba followed . The wars came to an end in 1815 , the British military stopped their intensive persuasion , territories merged and all the French remaining in the region left the region in 1867 . It is important to note that , at this time also the Mexican forces were strong on the reigning emperor and therefore Emperor Maximilian was deposed

America was strong in the region , it was hard to be challenged , this improved its economy , there was intense political stability , a...

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