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How the music influences the peoples behavior

p 7 Introduction

There have been various arguments on how music influences a person 's behavior and also their minds . Music has a lot of impact on the way people act and this is also determined by the type of music . The level to which music has any influence on the people 's behavior highly differs from one individual to another . However this is based on the person 's mental state

Different musical lyrics have different effects on different people . For instance the heavy metals music affects people 's individual attitudes

br Music can also affect people either positively or even negatively Similarly music does not appear to be to have any immense effects but in some instances it seems to be dangerous for some young people . It is important to note that some people spend so much time listening to music or even watching the music videos other than they spend doing other things such as spending time with their friends (Nakata 2001

Because of this music alters and it also intensifies the moods of an individual . On the other hand it dominates an individual 's conversation as well as provides an ambience at the social gatherings . Most often the music styles and also the lyrics define the crowds that people associate themselves with

It also defines the cliques in whom people run in . the personalities in the music industry also act as the role models for some people by observing their behaviors as well as their personalities in their musical lyrics . On the other hand the music personalities act as models for their music fans in the way they dress and also act in the public

How music influences people 's behavior Negative influence

Music is very influential on the human thoughts and also the human actions thus making it influence the behavior of various individuals Music could influence people 's behaviors either positively or negatively . Some of the lyrics in the music industry encourage individuals especially the young people to involve themselves in doing negative things which results into aggressive behavior

Similarly some of the musical lyrics encourages the young people to become gangsters , to be involved in a lot of fighting 's and also killings as well as cursing other people . On the other hand music is known to promote behaviors such as sexual promiscuity , drugs and alcohol and also violence among individuals (Kroger 2006

Music also appears to alter the individuals study habits and also it damages individual 's eardrums especially if the listener plays extremely high pitched music levels . Such consequences of music ultimately play a very critical role in a person 's development especially in the life of the young people such as the adolescents . Most people are known to spend and also devote more time and intensity to music

Music is also known to enhance bad moods and this has led to the belief that some musical lyrics about violence , suicide and also violent crimes have occasionally led people to commit these crimes . In...

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