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can music help in second language vocabulary acquisition

Can music help in second language vocabulary acquisition


Helping students enrich their vocabulary in a second language is one of the most challenging tasks that ESL teachers face today . The problem is deeply rooted in the fact that ESL learners have uniquely associated concepts and ideas with their native language which makes it significantly difficult to attach concepts , especially complex concepts to another language and make the attachment lasting . One area which is being explored to find solutions for this difficulty is music . Over the years , several methods involving songs

claim to increase the learning ability of students in building a second language vocabulary . It is the effectiveness of these methods that this study wishes to confirm . This study is of significant academic importance because ESL education is essential to equipping professionals or future professionals from around the globe with the proper language skills to allow them to interact effectively with one another across countries . It is therefore essential to explore the effectiveness of current proposed methods in furthering ESL education . Music is of personal interest to the researcher who wishes to confirm supposed claims that it does indeed help develop second language vocabulary

Hence , the thesis of this study is that ESL music activities significantly improve second language vocabulary of students in ESL classes . In particular , this study 's objectives are to first , identify common methods involving music in teaching second language vocabulary and second , conduct an experiment which will be statistically treated and evaluated to provide inferences on the effectiveness of music in teaching second language vocabulary as well as the effectiveness of each identified method as compared to one another

Literature Review

When an ESL teacher tries to affix a concept to an English word with the use of some article such as a picture or an object , the connection made is from the concept to the article to the English word (Coady Huckin 1997 . For example , when a teacher shows her students an apple , the concept of apple is formed in the students ' mind using their native language . They grasp the concept of apple and then primarily and immediately relate it to what they call it in their native tongue from which the students associate what they call the apple to the English word apple . This vocabulary dynamic makes the native language a necessary intermediary between the concept and the English word . Routman (1996 ) also recognized this and suggested that it is discriminately what separates a native English learner from an ESL learner . The native learner has gotten to apply concepts first hand to the language while the ESL learner must make this detour dynamic which causes the hindrance . Furthermore , he argued that the dynamic itself was flawed since it can only effectively apply to concrete concepts . More complex or abstract concepts would be harder to grasp using the dynamic since articles for abstract concepts such as apathy or jubilation and complex concepts such skyscraper or condominium as opposed to just building cannot be easily...

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