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music concert report

Pasadena Symphony Clazzical Jazz Review

The Pasadena Symphony is very proud of its Clazzical Jazz performances starring three accomplished musicians Nedra Wheeler playing the Jazz bass , Yevette Devereaux playing the classical violin , and Paul Romero on the classical piano . Representing the jazz side of clazzical notes equation is the base player Nedra Wheeler , hailed by All About Jazz for her ability to anchor any assemble in which she plays with a rhythmic authority blended with a melodic playfulness (The Pasadena /San Gabriel Valley Journal News , link from official site . Clazzical Jazz

is obviously a very new form of music , combining socially acceptable classical music of the Baroque era , with the controversial Jazz music of the 1920 's

Music styles are famous for blending existing music styles . The Beatles added percussion to rhythm and blues . Someone once said Rhythm and Blues had a little baby , they named it Rock and Roll . Now Classical and Jazz had a little baby Clazzical Jazz . Everytime a new form of music is created , society gets raveled . Jazz music , now played in churches , were considered controversial when it first came out . Jazz was different because it broke the rules (Culture Shock , PBS .org . Jazz was considered the devils music . Fortunately , today , people are no longer in the dark ages regarding music . New music creations are nothing more than a combination of musical instruments belonging exclusively to a specific category of music

Clazzical Jazz is a combination of electronic and string instruments with wind instruments . An understanding of Clazzical music may be clearer by imagining the Christmas classic song Silent Night played with a saxophone or trombone (any instrument the musician blows into , a wind instrument . The bass instrument plays the lead in the concert . The moderator , playing the classical piano , brings the two instruments together , and provides the smooth , continuously flowing melody

There were only three musicians in the Pasadena Symphony Clazzical Jazz concert held on October 8 , 2007 . The name of the concert , Clazzical Notes to Present Les Femmes Women of Jazz and Classical Music emphasizes women 's contributions to music . Devereaux is the first woman to hold the position of Music director /conductor of the Southeast Community Symphony in Los Angeles (Clazzical Artists . Besides a talented musician , she is also a recording artists , played solo violinists for the movie sound track , Madea 's Family Reunion and Diary of a Mad Black Woman . Nedra Wheeler is the Jazz musician , specializing in several wind and string instruments . She taught for community colleges throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and for UCLA . The moderator , Paul Romero is a Hispanic accomplished musician , specializing in classical piano and song arrangements . He won many musical competitions

The Pasadena Symphony promotes the new Clazzical Jazz music style Inspired by the Modern Jazz Quartet , Clazzical Jazz adds a very lively upbeat twist to classical music . Classical Jazz concept transforms classical compositions into upbeat jazz anthems (paraphrased BillBoard .com . Combining the jazz elements to classical , appeals to younger children . Many children get bored...

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