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the movie Shallow Hal

Shallow Hal

What makes a woman a perfect 10 ? Modern media definition would say the oozing charm , the pretty face , the flawless skin , and the physically impossible body . But brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly , in their 2001 comedy , begged to disagree . By complimenting gross-out humor with unabashed sweetness and sincerity , the movie Shallow Hal proved that beauty , despite stiff opposition , is indeed skin deep

The movie opens with young Hal 's (Jack Black ) dying father telling him that all that matters is to get laid with a bodacious , firm-bodied young woman

. And so , the boy grows up not only hormone-crazed but also highly superficial

Hal is an ordinary-looking man who dates only physically spectacular women and dumps those with the slightest imperfections . His best buddy Mauricio , cannot be turned to for help . He too dumped an attractive woman because her second toe is longer than her big toe

But thanks to the power of hypnotism . All of this superficiality took a back seat when Hal met Peace Corps volunteer Rosemary , who to his hypnotized imagination is perfection personified . She is sweet and funny - and weighs 300 pounds

If it were Hal 's shallow eyes that are looking , Rosemary 's appearance would be probably mocked and laughed at . Taking it from one of his lines , the perfect 10 by Hal 's standards would be Paulina in her first Sports Illustrated layout , but with better headlights . Heidi Klum 's beams would do .or that Britney Spears girl . She 's got great knockers .Like Michelle Pfeifer back when she did Grease 2 .or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos but not as skinny ' Hal 's type is so superficial , even Hollywood A-listers won 't get the nod

Shallow Hal earned cheers and jeers for its brand of humor . The movie had its share of fat jokes , almost bing on the offensive . To crack a laugh , the camera often focuses on the anatomy of the 300-pound Rosemary , with close-ups on her huge thighs and buttocks

The film posted several negative undertones on men and women and their weight . The fat and the obese were turned into laughing stocks . For example , the overweight Rosemary caused a chair to collapse and triggered a tidal wave and sends a kid on top of a tree when she jumped into a pool

In one scene , Hal and Mauricio even likened overweight women to hyenas buffalos and hippos . The crass and slapstick humor was used to stress the negative connotations of being fat and overweight

But as expected , it is the women that almost always get lashed at . As part of the male double-standard joke , the offensive humor is targeted to the fat woman while Hal and Mauricio who are both unattractive do not get any of it . Hal 's beer belly and Mauricio 's hideous wardrobe were not even picked on . These average-looking fellows seem licensed to dump attractive women whenever they sense the tiniest imperfections in them

But if only to send a message across , Shallow Hal was quite successful The...

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