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what motivates you to become a nurse

Becoming a Nurse

My grandfather was an old man for a long time . For almost half of his life , he has been taken care of by professional nurses . This caused my family to spend so much to be able to provide the health care services needed by my grandfather . And because we had to spend so much on this aspect , certain sacrifices on the other aspects must be made

This is my motivation to becoming a nurse : so that I could provide health care services to my own family . I am not saying

that if ever something happened to my family the same with what happened to us with my grandfather , God forbid it does not , I will be the one taking care of him . No . What I am saying is that I could help so that expenses will be less . I could also to see to it that my family members are properly taken care of

Another reason why I want to become a nurse is to have personal knowledge about health care . I would like to teach my family members and my children about taking care of themselves . I could develop our family 's care programs . I could also provide first aid in cases of emergency . Through these things , I could already contribute to my family in getting by . I could contribute my knowledge about health care and nursing . I could also contribute my services so that we will no longer have to spend so much to employ a 24-hour attendant . We could also avoid having have to go to the hospital a lot

And lastly , I admire the nobility of the profession . It is a servant 's profession . According to the Bible , if you want to be great in the Kingdom of God , learn to the servant of all . I believe nurses will be great in God 's Kingdom ...

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