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In our more global world, is stability still a primary goal? Or is constant conflict important for the well-being of all humans?

In a Global World is Stability A Practical Pursuit or Should We Accept the Necessity of Conflict

In the 21st century there is no longer any doubt that the world has been transformed by the forces of globalization . It can be argued that not every nation , government , or principality have become a part in this global village but it is also safe to assume that majority of the world 's citizens are interconnected through highly efficient communications and transportation . Political leaders as well as CEOs of global conglomerates are working together hand-in-hand

in a scale that is unprecedented in modern times . Now , according to two sociological perspectives : 1 ) Functionalist Theory and 2 ) Conflict Theory , these changes can go into two directions . For the Functionalists globalization can be managed so that it will lead to a more stable global society . The Conflict perspective on the other hand predicts more instability and unceasing conflict in the future . These two differing perspectives will be analyzed in to find out if stability is a practical pursuit or is it much better to accept the simple fact that there will always be conflict

This will take a closer look into two opposing opinions when it comes to the future of the planet . The functionalists will assert that everything is interrelated and thus global cooperation is a must . The incentive to work together is to aim for world peace . Those who adhere to conflict theory on the other hand have seen the rhetoric of global peace and the call to end wars that they have grown cynical to the idea of stability for the present times and even for the foreseeable future For them peace is an illusion , a dream founded in false hope . Both theories have mastered their arguments well over the decades and it will be interesting to compare and contrast each others views so that this study will be able to determine if peace has a chance or is it simply a goal too impractical to pursue

Functionalist Theory

A very important facet of the functionalist perspective is the realization that everything is interrelated . According to Mooney , Knox and Schacht functionalism emphasizes , .the interdependence between human beings and the natural environment . From this perspective human action , social patterns and cultural values affect the environment and in turn the environment affects social life (2005 . This aspect of functionalism is more apparent in today 's global world where the action of one nation cannot remain isolated but the reverberating effect of an action is felt halfway around the world

A good example of this dynamic can be observed in the interaction between multinational corporations ( MNCs ) and its host countries or territories where they get raw materials for the manufacture of goods One can take a look at Starbucks , the MNC having multiple partnerships with other nations that serves as the source of their coffee beans . Now if Brazil for instance - one of Starbucks ' supplier - experiences severe drought the profit margins of the...

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