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moral issues in reproductive control


Reproductive control is a measure taken with the main purpose to prevent a female (human beings and animals ) from either getting pregnant or giving birth , this may be by the use of drugs , devices or any other action . Reproductive control is meant to control all the ways in which the babies can be produced , may it be by cloning IVF or fertilization The process of prevention of fertilization is integral part of the known family planning methods . Test tube babies and cloning are also reproductive methods that are used in the

world with a lot of controversy


The oldest methods of reproductive control are the barrier methods which include the coitus interruptus which involved withdraw of penis prior to ejaculation , beside other methods like the sexual abstinence Before the discovery of latex condom , there was the use of several kinds of ointments which were made differently in different parts of the world and diverse arbotifacients were applied the intrauterine devices were discovered in the 19th century with the rhythm method being discovered in the 20th century and had a high rate of failure

Currently the reproductive control methods being used to prevent fertilization are categorized in to two , the physical methods and the behavioral methods , with both for men and women being in the development stages . The physical methods include : centchroman , hormonal methods barrier method , induced abortion , intrauterine devices , emergency contraception and sterilization . The behavioral include : the statistical methods , coitus interruptus , and abstinence and lactational

Cloning and IVF are one of the recent methods of reproduction which are have recently been discovered , these methods are highly debated in the world with some people supporting them and others denouncing them . with the increase in innovation , new technologies have emerged in the reproductive technology that have led to bioethical concern being raised since some differ with the existing reproductive morality and sexual morality

Bioethics is the guiding principles which govern the use of medicine and the biological science and specify the relationship that exists among the theology , medicine , biotechnology and life sciences


Cloning is one of the reproductive methods which have come up with a very heated debate in the modern time this is because a child can be born from one generic parent , one of the problems the identity of the child with a family or a specific community . The scientists are been accused of killing embryos and making money by committing murder and there by challenging God to a certain capacity . How question are asked as to why cloning shouldn 't be allowed I some instances as it is allowed for abortion in certain instances . Further debate on cloning says that God was the first do it where by he cloned Eve from Adam , but are we God ? There is also worry of what would happen if people like Hitler Bush or Osama were cloned , what would be the future of the world . There is also a challenge on the...

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