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How mood is affected by weather?





The Effect of Weather to Our Mood

We often heard people talk about how weather affects their activities and eventually their moods . There are instances when weather condition ruins a person 's day . Take for instance a family taking a picnic in a park . The weather was supposed to be sunny , as summer is only around the corner . However , due to unfortunate incident dark clouds suddenly enveloped the previously crystal clear sky . Imagine the time and the effort spent in to plan the weekend activity

and the hassle involved to come up with what was supposed to be a family 's day out . All was ruined by the unpleasant weather condition

We cannot deny that weather affects our mood . Warm , pleasant and fair weather makes us smile . It brings cheery atmosphere and happy feeling to everyone around . For kids , warm weather signifies the start of summer season . It means end of classes , no assignments , seatwork and projects to rush . It means a drive in to the park and a deep in to the beautiful beaches or a trek in a mountain (Horton 43 . Rainy weather on the other hand makes us blue . For some reasons it makes us sad and sentimental Maybe the cold ambience brought by rain and the melody of the falling rain makes us all romantic creating a feeling of longing for people who are dear to us

Weather condition does not only affect our moods . Together with our moods , mental health condition is also affected . It is believed that warm weather has positive and encouraging effect to our mental health condition . Taking trips during sunny days and going into different activities set our mood (Catherall 22 . The new environment and activities we are engaged on create an aura of self fulfillment and provides us time for relaxation . Thus , our moods are set . Once our moods are set , we then are able to learn new things , we are open to more ideas , our memory broadens and we are able to feel a sense of belongingness . With good weather condition we are able to obtain good feeling about ourselves and the people around us by venturing to different activities . Though the effect may be indirect , the different weather conditions we are experiencing are factors that contribute to our personality and are important issues for development of our characters and values

For instance , hotter weather condition especially during summer lowers our mood intensity and often times result to irritation , frustration and annoyance . Disputes often result as frustration enveloped every man during very hot weather condition . There are researches that connect violent and vicious behaviour to hot weather . For Americans the allowable temperature for proper behaviour is approximately about room temperature and as temperature increases and weather becomes hotter mood decreases . It is also noticeable that the effect of weather condition to our moods depends on what season being experienced and the time spent staying outside

To understand the effect of weather to our moods...

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