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.mission of your current organization

Mission of the Organization (Part I

First America Guard Services (The Company ) considers it imperative that we establish a greater presence in Kava . Kava is plagued with many problems , aside from suffering from frequent disasters Kava is also victim to many local socio-political problems . The Company believes that it can use these business environment threats with its strengths to create new opportunities for growth and expansion in Kava . The Company intends to make use of the apparent local dis to market its security service

It is said that the best way

to gauge the peace and situation of a country is to count the number of private security guards present . Kava is a melting pot of many cultures , in addition to the South Pacific tribal folk , there are Chinese , African , French , Spanish and American minorities as well . History has shown that when a country has sizable minorities

mix of indigenous South Pacific tribes , Asian (Chinese primarily African , French , Spanish , and since World War II , a sizeable number of Americans

Our company is considering establishing a greater presence here in Kava ' Alex started . That greater presence could take various forms based on what 's good for our company and what 's good for the people of Kava . You and I get the chance to analyze , synthesize , and prescribe regarding that decision


The location

A significant island country in the South Pacific

The people

Over 50 under 15 years of age

Ethnic mix of indigenous South Pacific tribes , Asian (Chinese primarily , African , French , Spanish , and since World War II , a sizeable number of Americans

Religions - Indigenous 50 , remainder closely divided between Christian Buddhist , and Islamic

Languages - Numerous indigenous , as well as English , Spanish , and French

The economy

Petroleum , coffee , cocoa , spices , bananas , sugar , tourism , fishing , and natural gas , as well as inexpensive , quality labor

Disasters threats

Tidal waves /tsunami

Typhoons /Hurricanes




Volcanic eruptions



Petroleum spill

High risk for avian flu

Terrorism , from within and outside the country

Helping organizations

Governmental service - local , state , and national levels - including the military

Community based organizations

Faith-based groups


language a . Read the Business Scenario Decisions in Paradise found on the page

b . Assume the role of Nik , and use your current employer (or one with which you are familiar ) as the organization represented by Alex , Nik and Chris

c . Using the information from the case , materials from the course independent research , and the mission of your current organization (or one with which you are familiar , prepare a 700-1 ,050-word , in which you develop the preliminary considerations for your organization establishing a greater presence on Kava by

1 ) Defining the issues that appear in this business scenario

2 ) Discussing the forces that are involved in formulation of the problem

3 ) Using problem formulation tools and techniques , describe the organizational and environmental obstacles in a way that considers various key stakeholders that will be impacted by decisions

4 ) Apply critical thinking in the decision-making process...

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