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Military Action

In my essay I will investigate the phenomenon of war , starting with its theory and definition , and going to its factors and the principles of its justification , and then finishing with its costs . In particular , I will point out the factors of a just war and support each of them with the necessary argumentation . Also , I will describe the factors that must be considered when military action is justified . And finally , I will mention direct and indirect costs of war . On the whole , the purpose of my essay is to

explore on the concept of just war , using the terms : just war and the theory of just war and applying the concepts : concepts of sovereignty , state and nation . In to provide a necessary scientific ground for my investigation , I will cite the information from reliable sources : The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Just War Theory " and the War on [T]error by Brian Moresonner , and others

First , according to Brian Moresonner , the roots of the term Just War go back to the Ancient times of Greeks and Sumerians and throughout the history of mankind the concept of just war has been developed [3] eventually growing up into a separate theory with its own principles and traditions . Moresonner in his "Just War Theory " and the War on [T]error (2004 ) points out that meaning of "Just War " usually evolves when two or more similarly cultured peoples engage in combat over and over , as they share the same cultural values the two or more peoples set up conventions and perhaps even codes of what is acceptable in combat with each other ' [3] . At the same time , The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2005 ) holds that the theory of just war deals with the justification of how and why wars are fought ' [4] . This justification can be of two kinds : historical or theoretical . [4] . Theoretical justification deals with ethics of forms of warfare and war . [4] . On the other hand , the historical aspect justifies rules and agreements applied in different wars across the ages . [4]

Second , due to The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2005 , every just war is characterized with a list of factors , which generally should contain the following

Just cause , which means a cause of aggression can be considered just if it is a response to a physical injury (e .g , a violation of territory , an insult (an aggression against national honor , a trade embargo (an aggression against economic activity , or even to a neighbor 's prosperity (a violation of social justice ' [4]

Proclamation of war made by a proper authority . This factor implies the relationship between government and people , and is closely connected with the concepts of sovereignty , state and nation . In simpler and more general terms , government , as an organ of authority in a state , can declare war . [4]

The possession of right intention . This factor forbids pursuing self-interests or aggrandizement for the sake of justice in the war [4]

A reasonable chance of success . This factor means that just...

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