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merits and demerits of internet

Merits and Demerits of the Internet

The internet is a socially disruptive technology . It has changed the way we do business , communicate with each other , and even how we view the world in the short amount of time that the public has used it . From its beginning as a project of the Department of Defense to connect its computers together , the Internet is now a resource that most people in the developed world cannot live without

I myself have been affected by the internet . I am one of the 1 ,114 ,274

,426 people who use the internet in its various forms . Whether by emailing my friends , or ing a book on Amazon .com , I am a part of the internet generation , the generation of people who grew up with the benefits of the Internet . This tries to explore how the Internet has touched my life . I will try to look at both the benefits of the Internet and its drawbacks . Looking at my internet use , I see that there are primarily three ways that I use the internet for convenience for information and lastly for the cyber community


This has got to be the reason most everyday people use the internet , it simply makes things easier . From email to word processing , with the internet , previous tasks that are cumbersome and time-consuming are now performed effortlessly at the click of a mouse . You no longer have to write a letter by hand , affix a stamp , and then mail it afterwards waiting for not minutes but entire days just to send a letter to a friend or colleague . In the amount of time that it takes to read this sentence , I could have forwarded a chain letter to dozens if not hundreds of people in my email address book

Communication through the internet has radically changed the way we live . By the sheer simplicity and ease of sending a letter through email , we probably communicate with each other more and with greater intimacy . It has helped me keep in touch with my family members and friends at home . Even simple messages like trivial requests or a short how are you ' reach their destination even half a world a way nearly instantaneously when I press the send ' button on my email program of choice

Aside from communication , another way that the internet has made lives easier is through electronic commerce or simply e-commerce . From this very chair I am sitting on , I buy my bus tickets , send and receive money through e-banking and even watch movies . I don 't have to move myself out of the house (or even out of this chair ) to take care of my basic necessities , leaving me with more time to finish more pressing tasks Truly , this is a way that the Internet has made my life much easier

On the other hand the internet has not only made my life easier , it has also made the lives of shady characters easier too . It has...

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