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Paper Topic:

the merger of Cadbury and Kraft

The Merger of Cadbury and Kraft





Kraft Foods ' recent merger with Cadbury is referred to by Marino (2010 as one of the biggest hostile deals ever in the food and beverage sector and the deal brings with it a number of opportunities for further M A (Mergers and Acquisitions . This aims to analyze the merger and acquisition of Kraft and Cadbury by using the 10 step acquisition process as well as answer several during the analysis in relation to the merger

The Acquisition Process

p Kraft wants to acquire Cadbury since the latter has exhausted its status as a stand alone organization . Waldie (2009 ) reports that in a meeting with the Chairman of Cadbury PLC , Roger Carr , the Chief Executive Officer of Kraft Foods , Irene Rosenfeld bluntly made it clear that Cadbury could no longer make it as a standalone company and that a merger with her company would be the best alternative for Cadbury which is a confectionary based in Britain that has nearly existed for 200 years

1 . The Business Plan

McKeever (2008 ) describes a business plan as a written assertion that describes and analyzes a business and gives specified projections about its future . The plan also covers the financial characteristics of starting or expanding the business , the amount of money needed and how it will be paid back

Kraft 's plan revolves around four strategies which are

To build a high-performance organization by recognizing employees as the driving for their success and putting...

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