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A memorable childhood experience

When the bell rang at school I always waited anxiously to hear him . He 'd call my name and when I turned around I knew exactly how he 'd look . I 'd still stare and smile back at his crinkly smiling eyes . He 'd always have his sunglasses on top of his bald head . Immediately I 'd hand him my painfully heavy bag . At that moment all my homework troubles and test woes were over . He 'd ask me the usual about school and friends . Although he knew I was shy around other people

and often bullied around , he 'd still ask , How many kids did you beat today at recess ' The irony of it always made me laugh

While he drove me home he always chatted like a chirpy bird . He 'd make his usual stop everyday . I knew what he 'd say before leaving the car but I always looked forward to it . He 'd say conspicuously , Let me say a quick hello to my friend . I 'd know exactly why he stopped but I 'd play innocent . The stop meant he was getting candies from the store He 'd return back with chocolates and colored candies smiling , and say My friend sent these for you . I can 't ever recall him not smiling With the greed of a 6 year old I 'd peer into the big bag and immediately gobble the loot before the school bus even reached home

I remember this particular day spent with him . While I was sitting in the backseat of the school bus and gloating over my treasure and with my mouth still full of chocolates I exclaimed , You 're the best uncle ever you buy the best things even when I never ask you for them . He looked back at me from the rearview mirror and smiled . But , I remember seeing something strange and wistful in his eyes . I couldn 't understand it then but he said , One day when you 're all grown up and going to university , I will pass you by on the street and I will call out to you but you wont recognize your Uncle Rob .I will ask you don 't you remember me ? But no mater how hard you try , you won 't be able to remember me

I was mad at Uncle Rob that day . I was angry at his confidence in the future that he had never seen . I reasoned with him as much as a six year old can . He stood firm . I explained to him again and again that I see him first thing in the morning when he drops me to school and last thing before he drops me back home . This will have to continue till I 'm sixty years old and don 't need to go to school . He laughed sadly and shook his head in disagreement

The school year ended and Uncle Rob stopped picking and dropping me from school . I remember laughing , arguing and...

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