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medical terminology







Hospitals have to have various departments for various disease control prevention and treatment in to manage the increasing number of different diseases and conditions . The world today has changed with so many diseases being found out and research done on them . Research on the many diseases and human body parts has lead to the development of appropriate diagnostic procedures using the new technology causing increase in the departments of the hospitals

The different diseases have to be classified differently since

so many have been identified and the professional physicians under each disease trained . An example is in cancer , there are so many types of cancers that need to be handled differently by the different specialists of the respective cancers . Since this is a large area in the medical field , in the hospital , a department of its own should be formed . There are other departments too that deal with different diseases and conditions

They include Dermatology Department that deals with treatment and other health care procedures of the skin , Cardiology Department that involves health care services of the heart conditions , Oncology that involves services of the malignant conditions and cancerous patients , Pulmonary Department that offer health care services on lung diseases or conditions and treatment , and Orthopedics which offer health care services and treatment on musculo-skeletal problems , diseases and abnormal conditions (Skurka 116

Other departments found , or always set up in a hospital are Endocrinology Department that offer medical services on hormonal problems , Neurology that offer solution services to patients who have problems with the nervous system and related diseases due to malfunction of the nerves and neurons , Gynecology , Psychiatry , Rheumatology and so many other medical conditions (Skurka 116 . This will discuss the following hospital departments Neurology , Endocrinology , Oncology Orthopedics , Pulmonary , Gastroenterology , Dermatology , Obstetrics Cardiology and Gynecology

Dermatology Department

This department deals with the biology of the skin , the in vivo skin diseases that affect human , the skin disease mechanisms and caring for the skin disease patient . The department offer dermatology services on skin conditions that affect adults , women and children . The department is divided into four sections . The section that deals with skin conditions that affect babies and the mothers , the section of women and men adults , the children 's section which deals with two years to seventeen years , and the section that everybody registers before being referred to a specific department (Sultz and Young 447

Any hospital aims at providing expert skin care , with the services on surgical dermatology , aesthetics , cosmetic services and medical dermatology . The principal procedures in this department are therefore as the services reveal , cosmetic procedures , procedures on medical dermatology , surgical procedures and aesthetics . This department deals with different skin conditions and diseases . The most common in the hospital 's department are skin cancers , ulcers , pruritis , psoriasis eczema and others not mentioned (Sultz and Young 447

Oncology Department

This department deals with malignancies and cancerous growths . The hospital 's cancer program include chemotherapy , radiation therapy immunotherapy , screening...

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