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media politcs and intervention


-- -- College should be a time and a place to learn about the world to go from the galactic to the microscopic , to learn of di br

br Saba Khalid cable internet company service line Giant cable companies would attain a monopoly on high-speed , cable Internet . Cable companies could also decide to filter Internet content at will Recent court decisions have extended the cable company agenda further . Though cable companies deny plans to block content providers without cause , there are a number of examples of cable-initiated discrimination ISPs will have to

pay a hefty service fee for the right to use cable lines (making internet services more expensive Normal Saba Khalid 2 89 2007-09-18T15 :29 :00Z 2007-09-18T15 :29 :00Z 1 1157 6599 Khalid 54 15 7741 10 .2625 br

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http /informationclearinghouse .info /article18229 .htm College is usually the time to discover people and cultures , philosophies and art forms secrets of the world , explore the truth and eventually help in making a difference It is the time to be truly and utterly free . However , this freedom is slowly being taken away from college students . Tyrant forces are changing the history and presenting it in such a malicious way that students may start viewing the future differently

It is true that when our generation entered the world we were never directly involved in barbarities against humankind , deforestation , globalization , environmental damages , extinction of species or global warming Nevertheless , we cannot forget that everything we own from our cars to our computers were made from the exploitation and plunder of capitalism

Our wealth comes from a country that enslaved Africans in history and continues to do so by means of its deep rooted racism and racial cleansing . We never cheered when the U .S incinerated thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki . But , to this day , we allow the rulers of this country to pile up on nukes to launch mass destruction on others in the future . Finally , it wasn t us who authorized George Bush to wage wars , repress people and fascistically remake the United States . But , it was all done in the American citizen s name and for his honor

It is easy to say that we never had the control to stop any of these immoral activities . But to the world these crimes are partly our fault . The fact that we don t do anything to change the present really means that these brutalities will continue in the future and people will continue to resent us

It is easy to use the achievements , education , talents of young people to join in the global plunder . Or , to use the same abilities to resist unjust authority expose lies and crimes of the U .S government , stop the war , erase racism , and shatter the oppression of gay people and women , take part in change and make the world a better place . The choice is for students to make . In for change , students must be allowed to resist and campaign on campuses and not succumb...

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