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How does the media influence our perspectives of ethnic identity?

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Media Influence and Ethnic Identity


This gives a critical review of the literature on media depictions of minorities in Canada . I propose that the research tends to center on tabularize the under-representation and misrepresentation of ethnic minorities

Media Influence and Ethnic Identity

The depiction of ethnic minorities in Canadian media serves to play an alarming part in determining the structure of Canadian minority identities . Researchers have insisted that it is imperative to research media-minority relations because

the media play a crucial part in the creation of social identities (Henry . The media gives a vital source of data through which people gain information about their country , and our approaches and viewpoints are formed by what the media distinguishes as public information . The media is directly accountable for how Canada , in all its multiplicity , is interpreted among its people . Simply put , the media is accountable for the ways that Canadian society is interpreted considered , and assessed among its habitants . The media influences attitudes in Canada by siphoning and selecting the data we receive to make choices about our day-to-day realities . Though , this selection procedure is governed by a series of vitals . Media images of Canadian ethnic minorities are not just a random panoply of depictions . Verdicts about depictions of cultural multiplicity must be envisaged within a series of opposing discourses taking place within media institutions . In spite of what we would like to consider , Canadian media is not just and democratic , nor objective in nature (Hackett , Gruneau , Gutstein , Gibson and NewsWatch

Ethnic Minority groups are regularly disqualified and marginalized , and the leading culture is reinforced as the custom . As researchers have established (Fleras and Kunz Henry ) the media push certain traits , most often negative , about ethnic minorities into the limelight , at the same time as others are downplayed or does this influence identity creation among ethnic Minority groups

Negative depictions of ethnic minorities teach ethnic minorities in Canada that they are hostile , abnormal , and inappropriate to country-building

Canadian media persist to transmit negative and conventional images that only serve to degrade ethnic Minority Canadians . In other words , ethnic minorities do not see themselves precisely mirrored in Canadian media and that marginalization effects feelings of segregation

In Canada , questions adjoining the association between identity development among ethnic minorities and media are mainly weighed down because of multicultural policy . It has been recommended that in countries where official multiculturalism is legislated , multifaceted forms of racial discrimination can materialize through a variety of media depictions of ethnic minorities (Dunn and Mahtani , 163-171

Ethnic Minority Depiction : Under-representation And Mis-representation

Since its beginning in the late 1960s to the 1980s , research on media-ethnic minority relationships was largely distant with probing the two main ways in which ethnic minorities are problematically treated in media accounts . First is the under-representation (or absence ) of ethnic minorities . The second refers to the misrepresentation (or negative depiction ) of ethnic minorities

A ) Under-representation

The under-representation of a variety of cultural groups in...

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