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What does it mean to be a nurse?

What does it mean to be a nurse

To understand the essence of nursing , one must fully view it from a broader perspective encompassing not only nursing today but also nursing throughout history . Nursing practice has evolved over the years taking into account that it had its humble beginnings from the home ' to the respect it has earned as a medical profession . Looking back , nursing originated from stereotypical women 's roles to the significant function religion has played . Wars also emphasized the importance of nurses . The role Florence Nightingale1 played in addressing

this problem is well known (Kozier , Erb , Berman Snyder , 2004 . In general , nursing practice had its evolution to meet the demands of changing culture and social

Nursing is a profession focused on assisting individuals , families , and communities in attaining , re-attaining , and maintaining optimal health and functioning . Modern definitions of nursing define it as a science and art that focuses on promoting quality of life as defined by persons and families , throughout their life experiences from birth to care at the end of life ( Nursing ' n .d , para . 1

In this , the art and science of nursing can be best expounded in two aspects : nursing as a profession and the roles and responsibilities of a registered nurse in Australia

Nursing , like all professions , is based on the ideal of service to humanity . The practice of nursing involves altruistic behavior , is guided by nursing research , and is governed by a code of ethics ( Nursing as a Profession ' n .d , para . 1

Nursing continues to develop a wide body of knowledge and associated skills . There are a number of educational paths to becoming a professional nurse , but also involve extensive study of nursing theory and practice and training in clinical skills ( Nursing as a profession ' n .d , para . 2 . Nursing skills include physical assessment , administration of medication , and sterile techniques However , these highly-technical skills may vary with the modifications in health care technology . Problem-solving skills are also involved These include assessing clients , diagnosing nursing problems , planning of care , implementation of care plan , and evaluation of their care Interpersonal skills also play an important role . These covers communication , counseling , teaching , and supervision of clients being cared for

The authority for the practice of nursing is based upon a social contract that delineates professional rights and responsibilities as well as mechanisms for public accountability . In almost all countries nursing practice is defined and governed by law , and entrance to the profession is regulated by national , state , or territorial boards of nursing ( Nursing as a Profession ' n .d , para . 3

A job in nursing offers you a variety of employment opportunities and settings in which you can work . In major medical centers nurses are employed on units such as the emergency department , pediatrics , or obstetrics . Nurses can be found providing care in long term and short term care facilities , rehabilitation centers , community agencies such as home care , clinics and schools . Nurses are leaders in our community who make a difference in the...

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