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“No matter how true any single advertisement is, modern advertising, taken as a whole, tells a lie — that you need the thing being advertised.” – P. Lutus

In his article entitled Consumer Angst written in 2007 , Paul Lutus claimed that No matter how true any single advertisement is , modern advertising , taken as a whole , tells a lie - that you need the thing being advertised

To explain his point , Paul Lutus further claims that valuable consumer goods need not be advertised because it is a necessity by itself and no promotion is needed for it to attract and obtain sales . Moreover , he explained that the quality of the product should speak for itself and there is no need to waste

company 's money asserting the obvious

In his above-mentioned arguments , Paul Lutus obviously focuses only on one aspect of advertising which is to sell . He missed to appreciate the other function of advertising which is to inform

Advertising , as defined by Wikipedia .org , is the form of communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain and use them . The primary purpose of advertising is to create public awareness about a certain product or service that is being advertised . It aims to communicate to the intended audience that such a product or service exists . As Taflinger (1996 claims the basic purpose of advertising is to identify and differentiate one product from another in to persuade the consumer to buy that product in preference to another

Advertising is usually used to create a unique image that will be identified to a product or service . The message that is being communicated usually highlights the best features of the product - its uniqueness , usability , best characteristics , etc . - that will customer 's attention to it

After providing information on the product or service features advertising 's goal is to entice customers to try out the product . It is therefore safe to claim that the end-goal of any advertisement is to generate sales in terms of product or service . However , while it is true that every advertising campaign is aimed at generating revenue for the brand that is being advertised , it is not proper to claim that all advertisements are lies

Even premium brands such as Nike , Armani , Prada and others do advertise their products . These brands are sought after and have all proven to be of good quality . But these brands still invest on advertisement

Advertising has become an important part of today 's business . With new products sprouting like mushrooms everyday , competition has become stiff and advertising has taken a big role in allowing the product or service to compete in the market . In his article entitled Educating the Consumer about Advertising : Some Issues ' Stephen Gotlieb (1991 explains that advertising promotes competition among producers of products and services , keeps prices low through the development of mass markets , encourages store owners to stock a variety of items , supports free expression by funding media sources , and spurs invention . The more you are seen and understood by your customers , the bigger chance you have to stay in the mainstream . It is therefore important to get you...

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