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How mathematics is related to soccer

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Mathematics and Soccer

Today , soccer is one of the most big-time ' sports games which is viewed and played by a lot if people . Along with soccer , basketball 's NBA , American Football 's Super Bowl and Major League Baseball is also one of the of the primetime games that we watch and talk about . The game of soccer is affected by a lot of factors

. Some of these are : player skill , team play , strength of player , speed of player , technique strategy , training and many more . All these factors affect how a player or a team can perform well when the game of soccer is being played Unknown to some of us , the game of soccer is also largely related and affected by mathematics and physics

Geometry in mathematics and physics , in particular , has a lot of effect in harnessing the capabilities of a player . Simple things like the right angle to kick a ball , the right amount of force to be applied and many different measurements and instant calculation are included and integrated with soccer which has a lot to do about mathematics . Geometry will be the main focus of this . How geometry affects soccer and what are the different interrelationships that can be found in the game will be discussed . An introduction to geometry and a brief discussion of some s in geometry will also be included

Some quick samples of how math is largely involved in soccer are enumerated as follows

Reliance on numbers , dimension and graphs of coaches and players in to help improve player statistics and training

Coaches make use of framework and line references and other portions of geometry to inform the members of the team on what position in the field they should be

The goalie relies on the knowledge of angles to know where to position himself when defending the team 's goal

Algebra helps a coach a lot because it gives him the information about which team is more likely to decline its playing performance in the next half

Each team utilizes data analysis and probabilities to help them improve their training and help each member of the team

Each player can assess and have an idea of what angle and what amount of force should he kick the ball for him to score a goal or to pass it to his teammate

Soccer and Geometry

Geometry is perhaps the most elementary of the sciences that enable man by purely intellectual processes , to make predictions (based on observation ) about physical world . The power of geometry , in the sense of accuracy and utility of these deductions , is impressive , and has been a powerful motivation for the study of logic in geometry (H .M .S Coxeter 1907-2003

According to Coxeter , Geometry helps us to make more accurate and impressive deductions and calculations . As a branch of...

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