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maternity nurse

Although most parents are filled with excitement on the arrival of their baby , they usually have little or no information on the idea of becoming a new mum or dad , just after leaving the hospital . In most cases , they are left stranded without knowing the right move to make to ensure hygiene and safety of the newborn . As a result the maternity nurses help them know the basics about baby care and how to raise the child (Reeder Martin Koniak , 1999

Leininger 's culture care Theory

This theory has its basis on

clinical nursing practice with its focus on culture . According to Oermann , Leininger considers caring as the essence of nursing (1997 . In her theory on culture care , she affirms that patients from varied cultures value care more than the nurses did Furthermore , she considers nursing as a discipline and a profession with the argument that the word `nursing ' cannot be used to explain the phenomenon of nursing . On the same note , nursing is both the essence of nursing and a unique part in the nursing profession . She criticizes the four fundamental metaparadigm ideas of nursing which include people health , environment and nursing (Oermann , 1997 . A metaparadigm concept is one which is exceptionally general , covering an entire world of thought

According to this general idea of nursing , a real person is not just an entity of professional care and close watch but a unique and self-sufficient individual and therefore should be treated in a similar manner . Moreover , this meta-theory contextualizes health and nursing , is an issue which Leininger greatly opposes in her theory on cultural care Leininger 's definition of care emerges as one that is wider than that of other scholars who seem to narrow it down to a specific nursing activity . For instance , when referring the to the...

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