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massage therapy

br Why Should You Get A Massage From Me

Massages are meant to help a person relax and sooth his stresses away It is a very relaxing experience that helps eliminate most long term aches and pains that a person develops due to years of pent up stress tension , and constant yet repetitive activity . The idea is to sooth and relax the muscles in to help the body achieve increased blood circulation and oxygen flow . For people with specific problems , there are massages available that will target and relieve these problem areas

using only the healing power of touch . At the end of a session , a person emerges from the session with a long lasting sense of relief relaxation , and calmness

Massages most often delivers the end result of increased energy heightened awareness , long periods of calmness , as well as greater productivity that is evident over a number of days after the session This is because a massage will relax the nervous system the way no amount of sleep can do . When we sleep , we are in a state of calmness that can be interrupted at any time and jolt our nervous system awake keeping one stressed out and jittery for days on end . A massage helps to calm the nervous system and activate the muscles that , when stretched out and relaxed , helps the nervous system work at its fullest potential without the unnecessary burdens of mental stress . For those who wish to lose weight but do not have the time to exercise , a massage will help flush out the body toxins and waste that is held in by your body

But , only a trained masseuse can help you achieve all these benefits . I am a highly trained massage professional who received training at the Kansas City Massage Apprenticing Collective in 1989 ad the Institute of National Healing Sciences in 1991 . You can put your full faith and trust in me as I am also the founder of the Irving Massage Therapy while also performing as an independent massage therapist instructor in the state of Texas . My company specializes in Deep Tissue , Sports , Swedish Trigger Point , and Pregnancy massages

Why Should You Get A Sports Massage From Me

Athletes are the most accident prone people on the planet . They subject their body to unbelievable stress and endurance tests that most often leave their bodies worn out , stressed , and severely damaged on most days . The sports that they participate in require them to use only specific body parts repetitively for long periods of hours . Such activities may not consciously be hurting the athlete but deep within his system , he is aging his body beyond its actual number of years

To make up for all the intentional and unintentional damage to the muscles and nerves of the athlete , he would be well advised to seek regular Sports Massage Therapy . This particular type of massage therapy targets the short and long body muscles that are always suffering from fatigue and swelling . With a...

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