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mass incarceration

p Mass Incarceration in America The Serious Consequences of Crime Mass Incarceration in America The Serious Consequences of Crime The trend of mass incarcerations of offenders by such legislation as the three strikes law and mandatory minimums , create a climate in the United States that oppresses women and minorities and appeases a fearing public . Rarely do social issues create such unification among citizens considered to be of the norm , than crime and punishment . Regardless of the roots of criminal behavior , such as poverty , unemployment , and addictions , those in the norm

condone and cheer mass incarcerations against the faces that they come to view as their public enemy . The media and public opinion-makers sometimes become polarized on the side of law without justice . Justice would include looking at the ramifications of those incarcerated , mothers and fathers , and seeing the effect that their incarceration has on their children . Alleviating poverty , unemployment , and addictions would be just in preventing crime But , classism and racism tend to blind many to the plight of the disadvantaged and prisons with their mass incarcerations , become warehouses for the poor

Criminality in this country is a class issue . Many of those warehoused in overcrowded prisons can be properly called `criminals of want , those who have been deprived of the basic necessities and therefore forced into so-called criminal acts to survive (Rodriquez , 1993 , 10 It is not to say that dangerous criminals do not exist and should not be sanctioned by incarceration . But , non-violent offenders are just as often scapegoated...

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